Harris Wins Inaugural Shelton Award

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Mitch Harris
Mitch Harris

Paul M. “Mitch” Harris, an outstanding research geoscientist and prolific, award-winning author, has been named recipient of the inaugural AAPG John W. Shelton Search and Discovery Award, presented in recognition of the best contribution to the Search and Discovery Web site in 2008.

Harris, senior research consultant with Chevron Energy Technology Co., San Ramon, Calif., will receive his award along with other AAPG honorees during the opening session of the next AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set April 11-14 in New Orleans.

The Shelton Search and Discovery Award, named in honor of AAPG Honorary Member and Search and Discovery creator John Shelton, will be presented annually to the author(s) of the year’s best contribution to the site.

Harris, however, is not being honored for just one work, but for the excellence of his total contribution of 53 papers, a number with co-authors, to the site.

Harris previously won the 2000 AAPG Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award as a co-author of the BULLETIN article, “Geologic Investigation of Cross-Well Seismic Response in a Carbonate Reservoir, McElroy Field, West Texas.”

He also is a two-time winner of the Robert H. Dott Memorial Award, presented annually to authors and editors of the best AAPG publication, sharing honors with his co-authors in 2008 for Memoir 88, “Giant Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of the World: From Rocks to Reservoir Characterization and Modeling,” and in 2006 for AAPG Memoir 80, “Integration of Outcrop and Modern Analogs in Reservoir Modeling.”

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