PTTC Receives $4 Million DOE Grant

The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council has been awarded a $4 million grant by the U.S. Department of Energy to provide training opportunities focused for U.S. independent producers.

AAPG Education Director Susan Nash said the grant awarded in October runs over a five-year period and will provide for a number of activities, including 85 workshops annually. Many of the workshops will be in a traditional face-to-face format while others will be webinars available “live” and in recorded form, Nash said.

“There will be new programs and some new staffing through contract work,” Nash said, “and PTTC’s Regional Lead Organizations will implement many of the local workshops, which will mean that members will have access in locations close to them.

“Members will benefit by having access to applied technology, which complements what has been offered by AAPG,” she added.

Course offerings will include methane hydrates, environmental, oil technology, ultra-deepwater and unconventional gas.

Initiated in 1994 and funded primarily by the DOE with funds matched by the states and industry, PTTC has been a recognized force for transferring exploration and production technology to the domestic U.S. producer.

Recognizing the value of PTTC activities to the industry and profession, AAPG assumed management responsibilities in October 2007. Several of the PTTC activities will be held in collaboration with AAPG education department opportunities.

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