A prized aspiration: Stability

Regions Feel Cautious E&P Optimism

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Deepwater plays, oil shale projects and a possibly overlooked potential of heavy oil in a surprising location are among the dynamics that are bringing a cautious optimism to exploration activities in three very key parts of the world.

Leaders and industry officials cite many challenges, too, but the overall potential of three very large and very important international regions remains solid – and, in some cases, strong enough to bring a smile among veteran observers.

That’s the word for this second EXPLORER look at the good, the bad and the sometime ugly side of exploration in three of AAPG’s global regions.

As reported in the February issue , the EXPLORER will be taking periodic, specific looks at the general state of exploration and other professional-related activity around the world, mainly through contacts with AAPG’s Region leadership.

After all, in addition to being important strategic bodies for Association activities and structure – plus key tactical communication channels for internal AAPG operations and promotion – Region leaders by definition speak to members throughout their spheres of interest. And they listen.

They’re also uniquely wired to the latest industry developments. They know where the seismic crews are heading. They know about the latest technological creations – and where they’re being used. They know the latest breakthroughs in scientific thoughts and understandings.

They know who is doing what, where.

This month, the focus was on activities in the Canadian and Asia-Pacific Regions, using as our sources:

Joseph J. Lambiase
Joseph J. Lambiase
David A. Dolph
David A. Dolph
  • David A. Dolph, completing his second year as the Canada Region president. He is with Nexen Petroleum International, Calgary.
  • Joseph J. Lambiase, serving his second term as the Asia Pacific Region president. He is with Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Various sources familiar with Middle East activities provided information for regional reports.

The presidents and other sources were asked the same questions regarding exploration activities, developments and potential in their respective Region.

The intent was to raise the profile of AAPG’s Region leadership while providing a valuable glimpse into the international arena.

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