Rensink Takes Helm of AAPG

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

David G. Rensink, a consulting geologist in Houston, has assumed the presidency of AAPG on July 1.

A Minnesota native, Rensink retired in 2009 as senior geological adviser for Apache Corp.

Dave Rensink
Dave Rensink
Paul Weimer
Paul Weimer

He previously has served as offshore exploration manager for Pacific Enterprise; vice president-offshore for both Total Minnetone and Texas Gas Exploration/CSX; and was offshore exploration manager for C&K Production. He also held positions with Ocean Production and Shell.

He received a bachelor’s in geology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in geology from the University of Oklahoma.

Joining Rensink on the Executive Committee is Paul Weimer, of the University of Colorado, who recently was voted president-elect.

Weimer is professor, Bruce D. Benson Endowed Chair, University of Colorado (Boulder) and is director of the Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center. He also is a consulting geologist, and he will serve as AAPG president in 2011-12.

His father, Robert J. Weimer, professor emeritus at the Colorado School of Mines, served as AAPG president in 1991-92.

Marvin Brittenham
Marvin Brittenham
Jim McGhay
Jim McGhay


Others elected to the 2010-11 Executive Committee are:

  • Vice president-Sections – Marvin D. Brittenham, EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Denver.
  • Treasurer – James S. McGhay, Mid-Con Energy, Tulsa.
  • Editor – Stephen E. Laubach, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin.
Stephen Laubach
Stephen Laubach
Alfredo Guzman
Alfredo Guzman

Both the vice president-Sections and treasurer will serve for two years, and the elected editor serves for three years.

Remaining on the committee for the final year of their terms are:

  • Vice president-Regions – Alfredo E. Guzmán, consultant, Veracruz, Mexico.
  • Secretary – William S. Houston, with PTTEP, Bangkok, Thailand.
David H. Hawk
David H. Hawk
William S. Houston
William S. Houston

Also on the new committee is David H. Hawk, a consultant in Boise, Idaho, who assumed the chairmanship of the AAPG House of Delegates.

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Advisory Council Members Announced for 2010-11

Members of the 2010-11 AAPG Advisory Council are:

  • John C. Lorenz (chair), Edgewood, N.M.
  • Scott W. Tinker, Austin, Texas.
  • Willard R. Green, Midland, Texas.
  • Michael D. Campbell (president-EMD), Houston.
  • Mary K. Harris (president-DEG), North Augusta, S.C.
  • Daniel J. Tearpock (president-DPA), Houston.
  • Stephen A. Sonnenberg (immediate past chair-HoD), Golden, Colo.
  • Kurt E. Neher (Pacific Section), Bakersfield, Calif.
  • Donna S. Anderson (Rocky Mountain Section), Golden, Colo.
  • David C. Harris (Eastern Section), Lexington, Ky.
  • Mary E. Broussard (Gulf Coast Section), Lafayette, La.
  • Denise M. Stone (Gulf Coast Section), Houston.
  • W.C. “Bill” Stephens (Southwest Section), Wichita Falls, Texas.
  • Leonard C. Dionisio Jr. (Mid-Continent Section), Oklahoma City.
  • Jean R. Gerard (Europe Region), Madrid, Spain.
  • John R. Hogg (Canada Region), Calgary, Canada.
  • Joseph J. Lambiase (Asia/Pacific Region), Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Joseph E. Ejedawe (Africa Region), Houston.
  • Fowzia Hussien Abdullah (Middle East Region), Safat, Kuwait.

The representative for the Latin America Region will be named at a later date.