Second Issue of Interpretation Will Be a Free Online Publication

The second issue of Interpretation, the new journal jointly published by SEG and AAPG, is in the final stages of preparation and will be available in November.

The journal will be free of charge and available online to all print recipients of the EXPLORER and The Leading Edge.

Complimentary print copies of the November issue are available by request only.

Interpretation is a peer-reviewed quarterly that comprises papers directly related to the practice of interpretation of the Earth’s subsurface for exploration and extraction of mineral resources, and for environmental and engineering applications.

The journal aims to accelerate innovation in interpretation. Former SEG Editor Yonghe Sun is the publication’s editor-in-chief; the deputy editor-in-chief is AAPG Honorary member R. Randy Ray, a consulting geophysicist-geologist in Denver and former editor of the EXPLORER’s Geophysical Corner.

The November issue, which will include a special section on interpretation for unconventional resources, will be the final free copy. Starting in 2014 the journal will be available by subscription only.

AAPG Members can receive a special introductory price, and subscribe to all four issues of the 2014 Interpretation for the price of $28 for digital-only delivery, and $35 for print delivery.

Information on obtaining a subscription for the 2014 calendar year will be available at in mid-November 2013.

Papers that will be included in the November issue include:

  • Pitfalls Locating Microseismic Events From Borehole Measurements – Practical Observations From Field Applications (Carlos Cabarcas, Hilcorp Energy).
  • A Window Into the Proterozoic: Integrating 3-D Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Data to Image Sub-Basement Structures in the Southeast Fort Worth Basin (Murari Khatiwada, G. Randy Keller and Kurt J. Marfurt).
  • Fractured Shale Description Using Isotropic Seismic Analysis (David Cho, Craig Coulombe, Scott McLaren, Kevin Johnson and Gary F. Margrave).
  • Seismic Characterization of a Mississippi Lime Resource Play in Osage County, Oklahoma (Benjamin L. Dowdell, J. Tim Kwiatkowski and Kurt J. Marfurt).
  • Seismic Attribute Driven Integrated Characterization of the Woodford Shale in West-Central Oklahoma (Nabanita Gupta, Kurt J. Marfurt and Supratik Sakar).
  • Reducing Risk and Improving Production in Unconventional Plays (Tony Rebec, Marino Pareja).

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