Advisory: A New Way to Get AAPG Updates

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

By now, most of you have received the debut edition of the AAPG Advisory, a new electronic communication designed to deliver Association information in a convenient, easy-to-access manner.

The Advisory combines important information about all of AAPG’s products, services, events, programs, conferences and publications into one communication piece that will be delivered on a regular basis to computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Readers will enjoy the freedom to choose the news categories that apply to their individual interests, with the ability to forward news items by email, print, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

“As AAPG expands its presence around the globe, our goal is to provide our members and customers with effective tools to stay on top of the many ways the Association and its members are advancing the world of petroleum geosciences,” said AAPG Executive Director David Curtiss. “The Advisory is our latest effort to deliver the information you need, when you need it.”

The AAPG Advisory is designed to offer categories of interest that include News, Science, Education, Events, Datapages, Sections and Regions, Divisions, Store, Member Services and Foundation – with relevant information in all categories, for all members.

Current plans call for the Advisory to be distributed twice monthly, with an “Advisory Alert” distributed between issues to remind visitors of deadline-driven events and opportunities.

For more information about the AAPG Advisory – or, for non-members, to subscribe now – contact .

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