Interpretation First Issue Showcases Diverse Papers, Special Focus

The inaugural issue of Interpretation, a new journal jointly published by SEG and AAPG, has been completed and will be mailed free-of-charge to print recipients of the EXPLORER and The Leading Edge in early August.

Articles in the initial issue of Interpretation will include:


Pitfalls in Prestack Inversion of Merged Seismic Surveys (Sumit Verma, Yoryenys DelMoro and Kurt Marfurt).

Tools, Techniques and Tutorials

Mudstone (“Shale”) Depositional and Diagenetic Processes: Implications for Seismic Analyses of Source-Rock Reservoirs (Bruce Hart, Joe Macquaker and Kevin Taylor).

Thoughts and Observations on Interpreting Depth-Imaged Data (Donald Herron).

Special Section: Interpreting Stratigraphy from Geophysical Data

Introduction to special section (Hongliu Zeng, Bruce S. Hart and Lesli J. Wood).

Whither Seismic Stratigraphy (Bruce S. Hart).

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Evolution of Carbonate Reservoirs in the Sinian Dengying Formation, Middle Sichuan Basin, Southwest China (Guangfa Zhong, Yalin Li and Dingjin Liu).

New Insights Into Seismic Stratigraphy of Shallow-Water Progradational Sequences Subseismic Clinoforms (Hongliu Zeng, Xiaomin Zhu and Rukai Zhu).

Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Area of Influence of the Magdalena Submarine Fan, Offshore Northern Colombia (Andrea Cadena and Roger Slatt).

Seismic Geomorphology of Early North Atlantic Sediment Waves, Offshore North West Africa (Dallas Dunlap, Lesli J. Wood and Lorena Moscardelli).

Resolving Subtle Stratigraphic Features Using Spectral Ridges and Phase Residues (Oswaldo Davogustto Cataldo, Marcilio Matos, Carlos Cabarcas, Toan Dao and Kurt Marfurt).

Automated Spectral Recomposition – With Application in Stratigraphic Interpretation (Yihua Cai, Sergey Fomel and Hongliu Zeng).

Using the Image Grand Tour to Visualize Fluvial Deltaic Architectural Elements in South Texas, USA (Bradley Wallet).

General Technical Papers

Inversion-Based Method for Estimating Total Organic Carbon and Porosity, and for Diagnosing Mineral Constituents from Multiple Well Logs in Shale Gas Formations (Carlos Torres-Verdin and Zoya Heidari).

Critical Reflection Illumination Analysis (Jun Cao and Joel Brewer).

Seismic Interpretation of Tectonic and Paleogeomorphologic Controls on Sediment Dispersal Patterns in a Continental Rift Basin: A Case Study from the Bohai Bay Basin, China (Hongtao Zhu, Hongliu Zeng, Xianghua Yang and Yawen He).

An Assessment of the Top Khuff Reflectivity: Central Saudi Arabia (Salem Aljuhani).

Discovery of Polymetallic Porphyry at the Silver Queen, British Columbia, Using Airborne EM and TITAN-24 DCIP and MT Surveys (Nasreddine Bournas).

Magnetic Modeling of Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Mineralization Constrained by 3-D Multi-scale Integration of Petrophysical and Geochemical Data: Cloncurry District, Australia (James Austin, Phillip Schmidt and Clive Foss).

Identifying Effective Interpretation Methods for Magnetic Data by Profiling and Analyzing Human Data Interactions (Yathunanthan Sivarajah, Eun-Jung Holden, Roberto Togneri and Michael Dentith).

Qualitative Geophysical Interpretation of the Sudbury Structure (Oladele Olaniyan, Richard S. Smith and William Morris).

Interpretation of Airborne and Ground Magnetic and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Data in Prospecting for Base Metals in the Central-North Part of the Itabuna-Salvador-Curaçá Block, Bahia, Brazil (Bruno Goncalves and Edson Sampaio).

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