Joint Core Workshop a Hit

A collaboration between PESA and AAPG resulted in a two-day core workshop being run in Perth, West Australia, on the Giant Fields of the North West Shelf, Australia.

The workshop, which was held in early March, was a fully subscribed course that saw 40 registrants being guided by four experts through suites of cores in half-day intervals.

This course focused on 1,200 meters of core from Triassic and Jurassic reservoirs, from fluvial, coastal-deltaic and shelf depositional systems (Mungaroo, Brigadier, Legendre and Plover Formations).

Presenters were Robert Seggie (Woodside), Simon Lang (Woodside), Peter McCabe (CSIRO) and Bruce Ainsworth (Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide), specialists in palynology, ichnology, sedimentology, petrology and reservoir modeling.

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