DLs Will Be Busy in March

Distinguished Lecturer Steve Dorobek’s Asia Pacific Region tour, originally slated for March, has been delayed until May – but the AAPG DL program will remain active in March with four speakers ready to tour.

The program, funded largely by the AAPG Foundation, is the Association’s flagship initiative for spreading the latest in science, technology and professional information.

Those touring in March include one international and three domestic speakers.

♦The international DL speaker for March is Mohammed S. Ameen, leader of the Structural and Rock Mechanics Group, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Ameen’s tour will take place March 20-23, speaking to groups in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha and Kuwait.

AAPG officials said that Ameen’s venues have been subject to change pending the region’s current political situation, and encouraged local groups to contact the AAPG website for updated information.

His lecture is titled A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Fracture Origin and Fracture Influence on Deep Carbonate Reservoir Performance: A Study of Onshore Permo-Triassic Deep Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia.

Domestic DL speakers will be:

♦Steve Cumella, geologist with Bill Barrett Corp., in Denver, and this year’s Haas-Pratt Distinguished Lecturer. He will tour western North American sites through March 11, offering two lectures:

  • Geology of the Giant Continuous Gas Accumulation in the Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado.
  • Important Characteristics of Rocky Mountain Tight Gas Accumulations.

♦Matthew D. Jackson, senior lecturer in geological fluid mechanics and reservoir engineering, Imperial College, London, England, and this year’s Allan P. Bennison lecturer.

The Bennison DL is an international lecturer who makes a U.S. tour, funded by contributions from the late Allan Bennison, a long-time Tulsa geologist.

He will be speaking to groups in western North America March 14-25, offering two lectures:

  • From Outcrop Analog to Flow Simulation: Understanding the Impact of Geologic Heterogeneity on Hydrocarbon Production.
  • Integrating Production Geoscience and Engineering: Can Smart Wells Mitigate Uncertain Reservoir Behavior?

♦Donald Arthur Medwedeff, consulting research scientist, Chevron Energy Technology Co., San Ramon, Calif.

Medwedeff’s lecture is titled Insight in Lieu of Truth: An Approach to Probabilistic Fault Seal Analysis.

His lectures to groups in eastern North America will be from March 7-18.

More information on the speakers, their tours or the DL program.

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