Be Alert for Check Fraud Schemers

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

NOTE: The name and images of AAPG and other reputable organizations, including SPE, are being used by criminals to commit fraud.

AAPG officials recently were alerted to the scheme in which numerous fraudulent checks have been sent to individuals with the names of the organizations, including AAPG, as payer. The individual was then asked to deposit the check and forward the funds to another person.

Members and the public should be aware that in no case would AAPG ask anyone to forward funds to another person; all should be vigilant for potential fraudulent activities.

AAPG is working with federal authorities on this matter and has taken appropriate action with the banking community to mitigate the criminal activity.

If you receive an unexpected check from AAPG and are asked in turn to send money to another person, please contact the AAPG accounting department at (800) 364-2274.

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