Keepin’ Busy in Europe

AAPG’s Europe Region has a new president: Welcome to Vlasta Dvorakova, who has been a very active president-elect over the past couple of years before assuming the presidential reins in June.

Vlasta works for the Czech Geological Survey in Brno, Czech Republic.

Since the last Europe Region column in the EXPLORER in June we experienced a busy summer in Europe:

♦It started with our second annual Aberdeen Education Week held at the Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland. Under the watchful eyes of Julie Bell, our AAPG Europe Education Committee chairperson, we had 12 speakers putting on a varied program over four days, covering drilling, petrophysics, geophysics and unconventionals.

Also included was a well-organized field trip to the eastern side of Highland fault, led by Stuart Archer from Aberdeen University.

♦In October we ran a joint conference with the Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists, held in the excellent Congress Centre in Marrakech.

Over 80 technical presentations, an exhibition and a set of field trips into the Atlas Mountains ensured that this was a very comprehensive study of the region – and a chance for companies to plan for the future. ONHYM were present at the event in force and offered delegates a chance to meet and question the national oil company of Morocco. RELATED STORY

♦ And, writing this from Milan Linate Airport, I am just returning from a very successful AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Italy. Just over 2,000 delegates attended a really intense technical conference program and exhibition.

♦ Our final event for 2011 was a two-day conference on carbon sequestration, held in late November in association with the Geological Society in London.

The excellent program was put together by John Gluyas and his team.

Now we in the AAPG Europe Region are busily looking forward to a packed program for 2012, and I hope you will be able to join us at some of our events.

We start the new year with the second of our educational courses at Paris VI University in France, looking at “Rift Basin Geology and Basin Modeling,” and we continue with an education theme into February with a week-long program at Lisbon University, where the lecturer will be AAPG member Hugo Matias, an experienced geophysicist working for Repsol.

March also will be a busy month for us with the running of APPEX, the annual Prospect and Property Expo. Plans are well under way for this event, and we are planning to have in excess of 85 booths, a packed conference program and more than 500 delegates.

It really is the best international event to buy or sell deals, expand into new areas, find new partners or just meet and network with like-minded industry delegates and executives.

March also is the month for the Europe finals of the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award competition, set March 18-19 in Prague, Czech Republic. We currently have 15 university teams entered in this exciting competition, which will be judged by eight industry experts.

We are expecting as many as 25 university teams to enter the European competition, which not only will take a lot of organizing, but makes this a very expensive program for the AAPG.

If your company is looking to recruit the highest caliber students, then sponsoring this event and coming along to meet the students – who will be in an actual work environment as they present datasets and answer your tough questions – will allow you a choice of well over 100 potential hires.

Be a part of an innovative interviewing process without the need for any recruitment agency costs. Your financial contribution can help maintain the competition’s high standards.

Incidentally, the IBA global finals will take place at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach at the end of April.

Further events coming up include:

  • A conference and field trips in Copenhagen.
  • An Education Week in Hungary.
  • A series of European lecture tours.
  • A Europe Region conference and Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, in October.
  • Two Geoscience Technical Workshops.
  • A conference in Azerbaijan.

For dates, full details and subsequent announcements visit our AAPG Europe Region website.

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