Pipeline Initiative Hits Shipping Milestone  
By Courtney Chadney / July 2014
AAPG’s Publication Pipeline Committee recently had a small celebration to mark a very big accomplishment: Just a few weeks ago, the group officially topped the 100-ton mark of books, periodicals and other information that have been shipped around the world.
Providing the World With More Than Energy  
By Heather Saucier / May 2014

Committed to going the extra mile to improve lives and communicate to an often skeptical public, Houston-based Noble Energy has experienced an outpouring of gratitude from the communities in which they operate.

AAPG Team Gives Scouts a Taste of Geology  
By Christopher Stone / November 2013

Making a connection: A team of AAPG members spend time with Boy Scouts at this year’s Jamboree, introducing scores of them to the world of geology.

Think: Morrice Sees a World of Opportunity  
By Barry Friedman / August 2013

One AAPG member uses her personal touch to grow AAPG’s international presence.

Seeing Despair, Offering Hope  
By Barry Friedman / October 2012

Making a Difference: Human trafficking takes a horrific toll on lives around the world, but one AAPG member and his wife have dedicated their lives to exposing the tragedy – and helping those who have suffered most.

Angola Field Trips Are Geology – And More  
By Barry Friedman / February 2012

Second time around: Award-winning AAPG geologist Tako Koning already had one successful career as an explorationist in Angola, and now he’s back for more – and helping residents there to recognize and appreciate the country’s geologic splendor.

Making a Difference: Delivering the ‘Goods’   
By Barry Friedman / April 2011

“Students need to do science,” says Milito, who teaches fourth grade in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Prof Receives – As Well as Gives  
By Barry Friedman / June 2009
‘Retired’ Geologist an Angolan Angel  
By Barry Friedman / February 2008

A helping hand: Geologist Tako Koning spent most of his career finding oil in Africa, but in retirement he’s finding something in Angola that might be even more important – a chance for people there to beat drought and disease.

Making A Difference

"Making a Difference" is a feature in the Explorer that reports on AAPG members and various companies that are having an impact on the world that goes far beyond Association activities.

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