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Foundation Update

AAPG Foundation Honors 2016 Professorial Award Winner  
By April Stuart / July 2016

Stephen Bend, professor of petroleum geology at the University of Regina, Canada, has been named the recipient of this year’s AAPG Foundation Professorial Award. Bend has trained geologists and engineers within industry and academia for more than 35 years.

Donald O'Nesky Wins Chairman's Award  
By Tamra Campbell / June 2016

It is with great enthusiasm that the AAPG Foundation announces that Donald A. O’Nesky is the 2016 Chairman’s Award recipient. This award is given by the AAPG Foundation in recognition of persons who have made extraordinary contributions (monetary or service) to the AAPG Foundation while calling attention to the role and value of the Foundation.

Inspiring the Future of Energy in a Downturn  
By April Stuart / May 2016

Long heralded as a pioneer in the petroleum geology industry, L. Austin Weeks is not only the namesake for the AAPG Foundation’s highest honor, the L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal, but he is also the founder of one of the Foundation’s most vital programs for advancing geoscience education.

Foundation’s Highest Honor Goes to William E. Gipson  
By Tamra Campbell / April 2016

William E. Gipson, longtime supporter of the AAPG Foundation and former chair of the AAPG Foundation Trustees, has been named recipient of this year’s L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal.

Named Gifts Make Research Visions a Reality  
By April Stuart / March 2016

The AAPG Foundation is fortunate to have a roster of more than 100 named funds specifically designated for educational initiatives and targeted to those interested in advancing their knowledge of the geosciences.

Gifts of Time Build a Solid Foundation  
By April Stuart / February 2016

Time is a precious commodity to us all, and is particularly treasured by geologists who have a unique relationship with the concept of time. Time is an especially precious commodity when it is given to the AAPG Foundation, in whatever increment.

Foundation Programs: A Recap of 2015  
By Tamra Campbell / January 2016
Despite the challenges to the industry and the profession, last year was an eventful one for the AAPG Foundation. Here are just a few of the highlights of Foundation programs in 2015.
Foundation Aims to Double MSVP Fund  
By Jim Gibbs / December 2015
Only a few new initiatives are sufficiently attractive to garner Foundation approval and member support. One that has is the U.S. Military Veterans Scholarship Program, first proposed in 2012, and conditionally approved upon receipt of member contributions totaling at least $500,000.
Trustee Associates Gather in Colorado Springs  
By Kristi Eaton / November 2015
More than 60 AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates and their guests traveled to Colorado Springs recently for the 38th annual Trustee Associates meeting, which mixed business, networking and relaxation.
Satterfield: A Guiding Force in Geoscience Education  
By Barry Friedman / October 2015
This year’s AAPG Foundation Professor of the Year, AAPG member Joseph Satterfield of Angelo State University, had a unique problem when he first arrived at the school. There wasn’t a geology department – well, not much of one, anyway.
Weeks Grant Provides Educational Opportunities for Undergrads  
By April Stuart / September 2015
The AAPG Foundation’s L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant program annually awards deserving geoscience students and geoscience student organizations across the world with $500 in grant funds.
 Recipients Announced for Military Veterans Scholarship  
By April Stuart / August 2015
The AAPG Foundation has announced the first recipients of the financial aid through its new U.S. Military Veterans Scholarship Program. Ten veterans who are returning to school to pursue a geosciences education will be receiving $2,000 scholarships to help support them and their families in their efforts to transition to life beyond the military.
Denver ACE Allows Foundation Members, Friends to Reconnect  
By April Stuart / July 2015
Foundation members and friends had a plethora of ways to mingle and reconnect with friends at the 2015 Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver, at business meetings, receptions and in its own lounge area in the AAPG Center.
Rock-Solid Volunteers Ensure Grants-in-Aid Success in 2015  
By April Stuart / June 2015
The number of Grants-in-Aid applications for this year’s cycle of awards once again was tremendous. The Foundation is awarding $239,000 to 121 master’s and doctoral students studying various fields of geoscience – more than any year before in number of dollars granted.
Bill Fisher to Receive Chairman’s Award at ACE  
By April Stuart / May 2015
William L. Fisher, a past chairman of the AAPG Foundation’s Board of Trustees, past president of the Association and an award-winning leader of both entities for nearly 40 years is the winner of this year’s AAPG Foundation Chairman’s Award.
 Build a Better Foundation for the Geosciences  
By April Stuart / April 2015
Join your fellow AAPG Members in building a better Foundation for the geosciences. It’s easy to do by making a contribution to the AAPG Foundation when you pay your dues in 2015.
Colorado Earth Science Teacher Named TOTY  
By Susie Moore / March 2015

Veteran geosciences teacher Jacqueline “Jackie” Bath of Littleton, Colo., a freshman earth sciences teacher at ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch, Colo., has been named the 2015 AAPG Foundation’s Teacher of the Year.

Foundation Library Brings 21st Century Value  
By Karen Piqune / February 2015

If you feel the world of information is going faster and faster these days, you’re absolutely correct. There is no doubt that knowledge is increasing at breakneck speed.

Foundation Joins Geoscientists Without Borders  
By April Stuart / January 2015

The AAPG Foundation has joined the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation (SEGF) as a partner in the acclaimed Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) program.

Nominations Sought  
By April Stuart / December 2014

Nominations for the AAPG Foundation Professorial Award, presented annually to a college or university professor who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the field of geoscience education, are now being accepted.

Trustees Gather for Wine, Rocks, Southern Charm  
By April Hastings / November 2014

Sometimes, it IS a good idea to mix business with pleasure. Members of the AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates met for the group’s annual meeting recently at the Barton Creek resort in the foothills of Texas Hill Country in Austin, Texas.

Distinguished Lecture Tours Announced for 2014-15  
By Lorry Oldefest / October 2014

It has a new name, a new energy and a new lineup of experts, all primed to spread geoscience knowledge around the world. “It” is AAPG’s newly named Global Distinguished Lecture Program – emphasis on the “global” – which dates back to 1941 but continues to be the Association’s flagship initiative for offering the latest in geologic science to AAPG affiliated geological societies and universities.

Foundation Supporters’ Global Reach  
By April Hastings / September 2014

From providing endowments for university students to have the latest in digital mapping resources at their fingertips to funding master’s and doctorate level research in the lab and field through the Grants-in-Aid program, Foundation supporters have multiplied their reach by affording opportunities for others on a global scale.

Geo 'Firsts' - Remember When?  
By April Hastings / August 2014
Chances are if you’ve always been innately passionate about earth science, you probably remember one or more of your geological “firsts.” Do you remember the first time you picked up a rock and wondered what it was made of, and where did it originate? Do you remember from this first initial spark, the other firsts that led you to where you are today?
Trustee Associates Make a Solid Foundation  
By April Hastings / July 2014
The AAPG Foundation is rock solid, thanks largely to a special group of contributors known as the AAPG Foundation’s Trustee Associates. Since 1978, this group of geoscience professionals has supported the Foundation’s educational, charitable and scientific initiatives that bolster many fields of geoscience – while at the same time enjoying a special, one-of-a-kind camaraderie.
'Helping Students to Think’ Is His Passion  
By Barry Friedman / June 2014

Robert H. Goldstein, this year’s AAPG Foundation Professorial Award recipient, said there’s something special about the make-up of this particular award.

MVSP Enters Public Phase  
/ May 2014

The AAPG Foundation’s Military Veteran’s Scholarship Program has now entered the public phase, which means the membership at large now has the opportunity to contribute to the Foundation’s newest program.

Connect With the Foundation During ACE  
By Natalie Adams / April 2014

The Annual Convention and Exhibition is always an exciting time for AAPG and for the AAPG Foundation – and if you’re going to be joining us in Houston this month there are a number of opportunities to learn more about how the Foundation supports the geosciences.

Foundation Announces Undergrad Grant Recipients  
By Natalie Adams / March 2014

The AAPG Foundation recently awarded 69 undergraduate grants to deserving students and their university geoscience departments, clubs or student chapters through its L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant program awards.

Keeping Busy: Foundation Spreads Its Support   
By Natalie Adams / February 2014

Awards, appointments and determining new ways to help support geoscience education dominated AAPG Foundation activities in January.

Supporting the Mission  
By Natalie Adams / January 2014

As you may know, the AAPG Foundation continues to demonstrate considerable progress in achieving its mission to support educational, charitable and scientific programs and activities for the benefit of the geologic profession and the general public.

Programs for All Preferences  
By Natalie Adams / December 2013

You may be pondering which worthy organizations you’d like to support in your end-of-the-year giving. If so, we truly hope you include the AAPG Foundation in your plans.

Showing Cause: Why the Foundation Matters  
By Natalie Adams / November 2013

Most know that it exists to do good things to support the geosciences – but sometimes it’s a good idea to revisit the original intent to make sure we are fulfilling the wishes of the founders.

Foundation Gifts Provide Geoscience Education Support  
By Natalie Adams / October 2013

The largest programs that the Foundation maintains help geology students through school – we provide grants and scholarships, we recognize outstanding educators and we enable students to participate in activities that build their knowledge, their network, their leadership skills and much more.

Gibbs Takes the Reins  
By Natalie Adams / September 2013

AAPG Honorary member James (Jim) Gibbs was elected chair of the Foundation Members of the Corporation during the Trustees’ board meeting, held in Pittsburgh during this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.

Students Reap Benefits From Foundation Gifts  
By Natalie Adams / August 2013

Leaders from student chapters across the globe attended the recent Student Chapter Leadership Summit and AAPG Leadership Days in Tulsa, where they learned how to increase the success of student chapters as well as prepare for the professional world of petroleum geology and engineering.

Evans Wins Foundation’s Professorial Award  
By Natalie Adams / July 2013

A few months ago the AAPG Foundation emailed AAPG student members, asking for their nominations for the 2013 Professorial Award.

Foundation Grants-in-Aid Recipients Announced  
By Natalie Adams / June 2013

Congratulations to the 89 recipients of the 2013 Grants-in-Aid Award Program. 

Match Game: A Win-Win Result for Foundation  
By Natalie Adams / May 2013

The AAPG Foundation has seen a dramatic uptick in matching gifts recently.

Supporting a Lofty Mission  
By Natalie Adams / April 2013

As an ever-growing field, geoscience has no shortage of needs – for example, the dissemination of current, accurate information to the public, research funding, grants to university students, publications to universities that have lean budgets, K-12 rock kits, young professional career guidance, and the list goes on.

Foundation Funds a Plethora of Programs  
By Natalie Adams / March 2013

The AAPG Foundation proudly supports the endeavors of the world’s largest professional geological society, AAPG. 

Generous Gifts Made 2012 a Memorable Year  
By Natalie Adams / February 2013

Last year proved to be a banner year for the AAPG Foundation, as nearly $3 million was received in financial gifts.

Funding Requests Approved by Trustees  
By Natalie Adams / January 2013

The Foundation Trustees approved three major funding requests when the group met in late November.

Gunn Gives Million Dollar Gift  
By Natalie Adams / December 2012

The AAPG Foundation has received a $1 million gift from AAPG Honorary member and past AAPG president Bob Gunn, of Gunn Oil Co. in Wichita Falls, Texas.

It Was a Very Good Year  
By Natalie Adams / November 2012

This has been a very good year for contributions to the AAPG Foundation.

Foundation Contributions Continue to Show Growth  
By Natalie Adams / October 2012

Contributions to the AAPG Foundation are up 58 percent over this time last year, with support this year through Aug. 31 now topping $1,376,813.

Trustees to Meet in Arizona  
By Natalie Adams / September 2012

The AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates will hold its 35th annual meeting Oct. 28-Nov. 1 at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Funds OK’d for Projects  
By Natalie Adams / August 2012

At the center of the AAPG Foundation is its support of scientific advances in the geosciences and petroleum geology to enable broad availability of geoscience information to professionals and the public, to enhance public awareness of geoscience and energy issues and to provide educational opportunities for students and teachers from K-12 and beyond.

Professor Honored  
By Natalie Adams / July 2012

AAPG member Grant Wach, petroleum geoscience professor at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, has been named the inaugural winner of the AAPG Foundation’s Professorial Award recipient.

Funds OK’d for Projects  
By Natalie Adams / May 2012

At the center of the AAPG Foundation is its support of scientific advances in the geosciences and petroleum geology to enable broad availability of geoscience information to professionals and the public, to enhance public awareness of geoscience and energy issues and to provide educational opportunities for students and teachers from K-12 and beyond.

Recipients Announced for Weeks Grants  
By Natalie Adams / April 2012

Recipients of this year’s L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grants have been announced by the AAPG Foundation, which sponsors the annual program that supports educational expenses.

Foundation Update  
By Natalie Adams / March 2012

If you have a passion to support future generations, add your contributions to the James E. Hartman Student Leadership Summit Fund. 

Thank You! Foundation Tops $35 Million Goal!  
By Natalie Adams / February 2012

If you are one of the 2,141 donors who contributed to the AAPG Foundation in the last five years, you helped us exceed the $35 million goal – by $671,041!

Foundation Milestones  
By Natalie Adams / January 2012

For the past 20 years, the AAPG Foundation has continued to be an active and often dynamic factor in Association activities.

Projects Funded   
By Natalie Adams / December 2011

AAPG Foundation trustees approved funding for two projects during their recent meeting at AAPG headquarters in Tulsa.

Foundation Update   
By Natalie Adams / November 2011

Exciting things involving the Foundation are always happening around the world.

Trustee Associates Elect New Officers   
By Natalie Adams / October 2011

Former longtime AAPG Foundation deputy executive director Don O’Nesky was elected chairman of the Foundation Trustee Associates at the group’s recent annual meeting at Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Foundation, Association Differentiated   
By Natalie Adams / September 2011

AAPG, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, is a 501(c)6, and the AAPG Foundation is a 501(c)3.

1,529 Members Donated to AAPG Foundation   
By Natalie Adams / August 2011

The AAPG Foundation closed-out the 2010-11 fiscal year on June 30 with 1,529 contributions that totaled $2,180,648.

Gifts, Pledges Boost Foundation Projects   
By Natalie Adams / July 2011

Nearly $500,000 in donations and pledges came into the AAPG Foundation in May as individuals and corporations join together to show their support.

Foundation Names Trustees   
By Natalie Adams / June 2011

Two longtime AAPG supporters have been added to the AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees, the group responsible for oversight of Foundation activities.

Geoscience Students Benefit from Grants   
By Natalie Adams / May 2011

More than 80 grants totaling $179,000 are being awarded this year from the AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid fund, which includes individual named grants that were established by donors and earmarked for specific schools or areas of graduate geological studies.

Activities Set for ACE   
By Natalie Adams / April 2011

The AAPG Foundation will have a high profile at the upcoming AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston.

Threet Honored   
By Natalie Adams / March 2011

Houston independent oilman Jack C. Threet, who as then-AAPG Foundation chairman helped design the current initiative to increase funding for key existing and numerous new programs, has been named the recipient of this year’s L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal.

Want to Help?   
By Natalie Adams / February 2011

Looking for a new way to support the next generation of geoscientists? Here are a few ideas to consider as you build goals for 2011.

Programs Get Funding   
By Natalie Adams / January 2011

The AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees approved financial support for two programs during its recent meeting in Tulsa.

Foundation Goal In Members’ Hands  
By Natalie Adams / December 2010

The AAPG Foundation’s five-year, $35 million campaign is in the final phase.

GeoFORCE Gets Foundation Grant  
By Natalie Adams / November 2010

The AAPG Foundation Trustees have approved granting $45,000 to the Texas GeoFORCE program, to be given over the next three years.

Gifts Make Impact  
By Natalie Adams / October 2010

The AAPG Foundation provides vital funding to the Association in support of educational opportunities plus the dissemination of knowledge and information on key aspects of geosciences and petroleum geology around the globe.

TGS Offers $upport  
By Rebecca Griffin / September 2010

The Tulsa Geological Society has thrown down a financial gauntlet to help raise money for one of the AAPG Foundation’s most popular programs.

Trio Gifts Three Schools  
By Rebecca Griffin / August 2010

Three AAPG members have joined together to provide three universities with subscriptions to the AAPG Datapages Digital Library.

Grants-in-Aid, Subscription Get Boost  
By Rebecca Griffin / July 2010

A new Named Grant for the AAPG Grants-in-Aid program has been established through a donation from Foundation Trustee Associate Michael S. Johnson.

Foundation Selects Leadership   
By Rebecca Griffin / June 2010

Four Members of the Corporation and two Trustees for the AAPG Foundation were re-elected to new terms during the group’s recent meeting in New Orleans during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.

Five New Endowments Added to University Digital Products Fund   
By Rebecca Griffin / May 2010

AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates have provided five new endowment gifts for the AAPG Foundation Digital Products University Subscription Fund.

Strong Presence at ACE 2010   
/ April 2010

The AAPG Foundation will have a strong presence at this year’s Annual Convention and Exhibition in New Orleans.

Projects Receive Funding   
By Rebecca Griffin / March 2010

The AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees recently approved funding of $12,000 to support EXPLORER correspondent Susan Eaton’s Elysium Epic Expedition to Antarctica.

Projects Funding Approved   
/ February 2010

The AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees, during it’s recent meeting in Tulsa, approved financial support totaling $179,476 for various programs.

Foundation to Honor Funkhouser, Holland   
By Natalie Adams / January 2010

Two longtime stalwarts of the AAPG Foundation have been named recipients of the Foundation’s top awards for 2010.

Trustee Associates Elect New Officers   
By Rebecca Griffin / December 2009

The AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates elected new officers during the group’s recently held 32nd annual meeting in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Consortium Seeks Grant Proposals   
By Rebecca Griffin / November 2009

The funds are waiting to be tapped, and now the AAPG Foundation is seeking proposals from industry professionals for research funding through the AAPG/OSU Geoscience and GIS Consortium.

Fund Started to Assist IBA Program   
By Rebecca Griffin / October 2009

A new fund has been established by the AAPG Foundation to accept corporate and individual donations to AAPG’s successful Imperial Barrel Award program.

Corporation Members Re-Elected in Denver   
/ August 2009

Six Members of the AAPG Foundation Corporation were re-elected as regular members at the group’s recent meeting in Denver during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.

AAPG/OSU GIS Consortium, Board of Trustees Meeting, Digital Products Subscription   
By Christopher Stone / July 2009

The historic $9.4 million agreement between AAPG and Oklahoma State University to create a GIS digital geology consortium has been officially finalized.

Denver Activities, Grants-in-Aid  
By Rebecca Griffin / June 2009

The activities for this annual meeting include a campaign launch and the Chairmen’s reception.

‘The Bridge,’ Trustee Associates Activities  
By Rebecca Griffin / May 2009

A new AAPG Foundation fund has been established in support of a full-length documentary that is being made to help alert and inform the world of future trends in energy use and production.

‘Town Halls’ Spotlight Activities   
By Rebecca Griffin / April 2009

Coming soon, perhaps to a city near you…the AAPG Foundation, up close and personal.

Foundation Update: An Active Month  
By Rebecca Griffin / March 2009
A new AAPG Foundation named grant was established, a major new pledge was received and a new “legacy” program was created during an active month for the AAPG Foundation.
Foundation Announces New Award  
By Rebecca Griffin / February 2009

Approvals of funding and the establishment of a new award that honors a longtime supporter of geosciences and the Association have been announced by the AAPG Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which met recently in Tulsa.

Grants-in-Aid Deadline Draws Near  
/ January 2009

Applications are now being accepted for the AAPG Foundation’s Grants-in-Aid program, awarded to foster research in the geosciences.

Grant Honors James E. Wilson  
/ December 2008
AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees recently approved the establishment of a new Named Grant-in-Aid to benefit graduate students and honor past Foundation Trustee Chairman James E. Wilson.
Foundation Update  
By Rebecca Griffin / November 2008

Foundation Trustees Name Officers  
By Rebecca Griffin / October 2008
New AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates officers for 2008-09 were elected recently during the group’s annual meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo. 
Bookout Provides Additional Funding  
By Rebecca Griffin / September 2008
John Bookout has provided additional funding to the AAPG Foundation’s K-12 Program – a program that bears his name and owes much to his commitment toward educational excellence in geology.
2,432 Donated To Foundation  
/ August 2008
The Foundation Trustees reported contributions totaling $1,895,724 for the fiscal year ending June 30.
Invites Issued for ‘Public’ Partners  
By Rebecca Griffin / July 2008
The “public phase” of the AAPG Foundation’s Meeting Challenges and Assuring Success campaign is now in full swing as Foundation officials are now inviting members to join in the initiative of meeting its $35 million goal.
Educational Projects Emphasized  
By Rebecca Griffin / June 2008
The AAPG Foundation's Members of the Corporation re-elected several “regular members” during the group’s recent meeting in San Antonio.
Month of Initiatives  
By Rebecca Griffin / May 2008
It’s been a busy month for the AAPG Foundation as initiatives have moved forward, members were honored and a significant gift was received to start a new program.
Donors Support Profession, AAPG  
/ April 2008
Significant gifts to funds that benefit geosciences students have been made to the AAPG Foundation.
New Award Honors Weeks  
/ March 2008
The AAPG Foundation announces a new award that recognizes outstanding generosity.
Strunk to Chair Trustee Associates  
/ December 2007
New officers for the AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates were elected at the September 2007 meeting and several generous gifts are acknowledged at the end of this year.
Additions Solidify Programs  
/ November 2007
Two new members recently joined the AAPG Foundation Trustee Associates – and in doing so, both made sure that one of the Foundation’s newest and most popular programs would continue to reach students and faculty at the university level.
T-Shirt Promotes Profession  
/ October 2007

The AAPG Foundation gave funds to help promote the geological profession via a t-shirt to be worn by geosciences students and professionals.

Educational Outreach Programs Targeted for Gift  
/ September 2007

The story of Marta Sutton Weeks’ dedicated and ongoing support of the AAPG Foundation has added a new chapter.

Digital Subscription Continues to Increase  
/ August 2007

The AAPG Foundation recently received generous gifts from Larry Jones, M. Ray Thomasson, and John H. Silcox. These gifts will help fund new Digital Product subscriptions.

Digital Subscription Total Rises Again  
/ July 2007

The number of AAPG Foundation Digital Products University Subscriptions has risen again thanks to three gifts – one from a Foundation Trustee, one from a new member of the Trustee Associates and one from a group that wants to honor their alma mater:

New Named Grant Established  
/ June 2007
A new named grant has been established by the AAPG Foundation to recognize a qualified and deserving student whose project uniquely characterizes the nature of outstanding student research.
Gifts Made to Help Students  
/ January 2007
Three new gifts have been made to benefit geoscience students through the AAPG Foundation’s Digital Products University Alumni Fund.
Environmental Grant Sponsored  
/ November 2000
Contributions are being sought for creation of a new AAPG Foundation environmental grant that would honor one of the founding forces for the Division of Environmental Geosciences.
Earth Science Week Gets Support  
By Julie Jackson / September 2000
As geoscientists throughout the world prepare to celebrate the third annual Earth Science Week, Oct. 8-14, the popular saying "think globally; act locally" aptly describes the scope of this popular public outreach program.
'Hands On' Teacher Cited  
/ February 2000
"I still love biology, but more and more it is geology ... that gets me excited." Designing her classes with hands-on activities similar to those shared in the AAPG-AAPG Foundation-sponsored "Rocks in Your Head" conference, Peggy Lubchenco teachers her junior high students about the surrounding area's geology.

Foundation Update

Foundation Update - April Stuart

April Stuart is the AAPG Foundation Program Coordinator.

Foundation Update

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