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04 November, 2013


Di Cuia

Raffaele Di Cuia has a degree in Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara, Italy) and an MSc in Basin Analysis and Evolution (Royal Holloway College - University of London) and is presently Partner and Technical Director of G.E. Plan Consulting s.r.l. in Ferrara, (Italy) (a consulting firm specialized in the characterization of complex reservoirs and assists E&P companies with exploration). He was previously with TOTAL S.A. (France), FINA E&P (Italy) and Arco British Ltd and has 20 years of experience.

His work includes asset geology, an exploration geology in deep offshore plays and reservoir geology/petrophysicst in fractured carbonates and clastic turbidite reservoirs. He has been involved in multidisciplinary studies from the early exploration/basin evaluation to reservoir characterization, seismic and drilling planning and execution, prospects generation, early production, reservoir modeling and late re-evaluation of old HC fields or basins. Raffaele's main technical experience is on: 2D-3D seismic interpretation (in thrust belt and foreland domains), core description, porosity/permeability characterization (logs, CCA, SCAL), log interpretation and correlation, fracture/fault network characterization (using image logs, electric logs, core description, field analogues, production tests), building structural and depositional conceptual models to drive exploration, development activities and building DFN and static models (user of Petrel).

He has also taught several training courses for oil companies (Shell, Total, Maersk, Taqa, Marathon, Edison, NOC, Celtique ….) or associations (AAPG, Nautilus/RPS) on complex carbonate reservoir characterization and on structural geology in carbonate rock. He has worked on projects in several European countries, the Middle East, Russia Caspian Sea region and Kazakhstan, and North and Central Africa.

Raffaele Di Cuia is able to present in French and Italian, as well as English.