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Di Cuia

Raffaele Di Cuia holds a first class degree in Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara, Italy) and an MSc in Basin Analysis and Evolution (Royal Holloway College - University of London).

Raffaele is presently Partner and Technical Director of G.E.Plan Consulting s.r.l. in Ferrara, (Italy) a consulting company specialized in the characterization of complex reservoirs and he has previously held technical positions with TOTAL S.A. (France), FINA E&P (Italy) and Arco British (UK).

Raffaele has 19 years experience in E&P industry and he has mainly worked on projects about the characterization of fractured reservoirs. He has worked extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Africa mainly in carbonate fractured reservoirs.Raffaele runs several training courses on “complex carbonate reservoir characterization” and on “structural geology in carbonate rocks” and was chairman of the AAPG conference on “Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonates of the Neo-Tethys: old and new concepts for petroleum exploration” held in 2014 in Naples.