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20 November, 2013

Jeffrey M.


Jeffrey M. Yarus is currently Senior Manager of Earth Modeling for Landmark Graphics, Inc., in Houston, TX, and holds a Ph.D. in mathematical geology from the University of South Carolina (1978.) He has previously worked for Amoco Production Company, Marathon Oil Company, GeoMath, (a subsidiary of Beicip-Franlab,) Roxar, Inc. (formerly Smedvig Technologies), and Knowledge Reservoir, Inc. In 2001, along with Dr. Richard L. Chambers, he started Quantitative Geosciences, LLP (QGSI), a consulting firm specializing in data analysis and geostatistics, which was then partnered with Landmark in 2006. Dr. Yarus is well known throughout the petroleum industry as a leader in applied statistical and geostatistical methods, and has provided numerous public seminars and lectures throughout the world. Dr. Yarus has served as AAPG’s Chair of the Geological Computing Committee, Publications Chairman, and Chair of the Reservoir Development Committee. He has authored many papers and abstracts on applied statistics and geostatistics, and along with his partner Richard Chambers, he edited the AAPG volume on Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics. He is also co-editor of the AAPG volume on Geologic Information Systems with Dr. Timothy Coburn (released in 2000). In 2008, SPE Petroleum Engineering Handbook was published, in which Dr. Yarus is co-author of the chapter on applied geostatistics. TOP